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Prints Specifications

Your Image is printed on Fujifilm Crystal Archive DP II Professional photo paper. This gives the image the right mixture of rich black tones and high detail reproduction ensuring excellent results in image and text. The high-gloss finish reproduces skin tones in a natural way and gives the image compositions a finishing touch and a high-end quality.

Specs :  
  • Premium gloss
  • Excellent brilliance for bright colors
  • Intense black tones
  • Pin sharp detail reproduction
  • 250 g/m²
Sizes :  
  • 20 * 30 CM
  • 30 * 45 CM
  • 50 * 75 CM
  • 70 * 105 CM
Your image is printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag used by art galleries. The 100% cotton surface of the paper creates an extra matte and, above all, soft character. The result is exceptionally sharp and details are reproduced incredibly precisely. The print creates impressive depths and an incredible liveliness. The fine structure of the surface as well as the feel of this unique 308 g/m² paper is particularly suitable for art reproductions.
* This Artwork is limited to 100 Fine Art Print Worldwide.
Specs :
  • Hahnemühle FINE ART Photo Rag 308 g/m²
  • Soft surface structure with 100% cotton
  • Astounding clarity
  • Intense picture depth
Sizes :  
  • 20 * 30 CM
  • 30 * 45 CM
  • 50 * 75 CM
  • 70 * 105 CM
A unique way to showcase your art. Alu-dibond Print employs the latest generation of UV direct printing with 7 colors, including light colors (traditional printing uses only four colors) to ensure impressive color intensity with the highest resolution (without pixelation) and maximum sharpness. Even large areas of color shine rich on the matte surface and subtleties are displayed in high resolution down to the last detail.
Specs :
  • 3 mm aluminum composite panel (matte)
  • Custom sizes available
  • 7-color direct UV printing, including light inks
  • Stable, rigid and weather resistant
  • Depending on format, aluminum subframe, standard mounting and standoffs are available
Sizes :  
  • 20 * 30 CM
  • 30 * 45 CM
  • 50 * 75 CM
  • 70 * 105 CM

The Gallery Print is a combination of direct printing on acrylic glass and a reinforcing aluminum plate creates a unique effect. Additionally, the Gallery Print offers the highest resolution and maximum sharpness through 7-color UV direct printing with light colors. The Gallery Print puts your favorite photo in its best light and will transform any room into an art gallery.

Specs :
  • Direct printing on acrylic glass (2 mm), reinforced by an aluminum plate (3 mm)
  • Available in matte or glossy finish
  • 7-color UV direct printing, including light colors
  • Aluminum subframe, standard mounting and standoffs available
Sizes :  
  • 20 * 30 CM
  • 30 * 45 CM
  • 50 * 75 CM
  • 70 * 105 CM

Your image is printed on a high-quality acrylic glass surface with a thickness of 5 mm. All edges are smoothly finished so that no traces of the cut remain. Thanks to the 7-color UV direct printing process, including light colors, you will enjoy displaying this premium design element in your home.

Specs :
  • 5 mm thick acrylic glass
  • 7-color UV direct printing including light colors
  • Image is printed directly onto the back of the acrylic plate from behind
  • An opaque film is attached to the rear side of the acrylic plate
  • Depending on format, aluminium subframe, standard mounting or standoffs available
Sizes :  
  • 20 * 30 CM
  • 30 * 45 CM
  • 50 * 75 CM

New Arrivals

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Lady in the Wind Arizona, Navajo Expedition USA 2017.


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