10 Things to do in Jaipur

things to do in Jaipur

10 Things to do in Jaipur


After my first visit to Jaipur four years ago, I have been coming back to this city and lived here for almost a year. The beauty of the town with its hidden gems and the connections I made while living here made it a natural choice as my base while I am in India.

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While living in Jaipur, I enjoyed getting to experience a variety of things to do and see which I’d like to share with you;

1. Sunrise on the walls facing the Amber Fort;

The Amber Fort is one of the most well-known and well visited Forts in India. It was once the residence of its Rajput ruler, Maharaja Mangh Singh I. One of my favorite activities involves the long stair climb of the Fort wall. The wall is the third longest wall in the world. I highly recommend going early in the morning as the sunrise provides great views of the Fort and is a great place for reflection. Just a note – for those with a fear of heights, I would not recommend it.

2. An explosion of fragrance at the Jaipur Flower & Vegetable Market;

When time permits in the early mornings, I enjoy going to the Flower market close to the Walled City. I watch as farmers and buyers negotiate over bags of freshly delivered flowers; from roses, marigolds, jasmine and many more. The flowers come mostly with no stems and are mainly used for decorations at weddings, hotels and as offerings for religious ceremonies in Jaipur’s many shrines and temples. There are numerous markets in Jaipur but by far my favourite is Choti Chaupar, Tripolia Bazar, Modikhana, Jaipur. Grab a chai and take in the atmosphere of the marketplace.

3. A visit to the City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal:

No tour of Jaipur is complete without dropping by the City Palace and the Palace of Winds, also known as Hawa Mahal. Generally, after visiting the Flower market, I head over to visit the Hawa Mahal and the City Palace. I begin by taking a tour of the inside of Hawa Mahal, which not many people go to. It was designed to allow royal ladies to observe everyday life and festivals celebrated in the street below without being seen. From inside, you get a sense of what they saw. The interior is beautifully designed as well. From there, I proceed to the Jantar Mantar. If you are into astronomy then you are in luck. There are five Jantar Mantars in India, of which the largest is the one in Jaipur. It features many instruments along with the world’s largest stone sundial. Next door then is the City Palace, also home to the royal family of Jaipur. I enjoy the magnificent archways as well as the museum part with its intricate details. (There are entrance fees for all these three attractions, but they offer some incredible photo opportunities.)

4. Catching a movie at Raj Mandir:

What better way of diving into the Indian culture than catching a Bollywood flick (with English subtitles). Oh but wait, you better have some spare time. Bollywood movies tend to run over two hours or more. However, the experience gives you a deep insight into this Indian prized cultural asset. The Raj Mandir, a movie theatre close to a half a decade old, regularly holds premieres for Bollywood movies.


5. Moment of reflection and quietude at Royal Gaitor

When travelling in Jaipur, you get sensory overload. From the noise of tuk-tuk honks, the grind of making your way around jam-packed streets, and more. When I want to escape the hustle and bustle I love coming to the Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan, also known as the Royal Gaitor, to find my peace. The Royal Gaitor is the royal cemetery for the Maharajas.  Surrounded by some of the most intricate mausoleums, memorials and tombs you can experience a haven of tranquillity and meditation. For me, it is a place I go that soothes my anxiety.

6. Afternoon Tea at the Raj Mahal:

A tradition introduced to India from the British Colonial era, I recommend you book yourself a treat at the Sujan Raj Mahal. This luxurious property owned by the Jaipur royal family gives you a royal experience, with freshly baked pastries, a carefully selected collection of teas and beverages all served in a lush surrounding.

7. Late afternoon walks in the walled Pink City

A short walk from the City Palace main entrance, I like roaming in the narrow streets of the walled city in the old town. From hidden Chai Wala (stands), food stalls, artisans of bangles, sarees and more. Additionally, you get a glimpse into the Indian spiritual culture with a variety of shrines and temples in a short radius. 

8. Sunset at the Nahargarh Fort:

A Fort that overlooks the city and once formed the defense ring around the city. It is one of my favourite places to view the city from a different perspective. Nothing brings the day to a close better than going up to the Nahargarh Fort for sunset with the echos of the call to prayer in the background.

things to do in Jaipur

9.Sunset drinks at the Steam in Rambagh:

This chic lounge bar is nestled on the lush gardens of the Rambagh Palace in the upscale neighbourhood C-scheme. It’s a converted palace dating from 1835. The Steam refurbished after a steam train is one of the spots I enjoy unwinding after a long day of work in Jaipur. Everything about this is place has wow factor.

10. Catching a sunrise hot air balloon safari

Imagine, as you glide in the morning mist and rise over the sleepy villages surrounding the Amber Fort. The only sound to break the silence is the sputter from the fire being blown into your hot air balloon. A magical experience I would recommend for the early birds.

I am sharing with you only some of the things I like to do in Jaipur, but the city has a lot to offer and I am interested in some of the things you’ve experienced while visiting Jaipur. Please share in the comment below. 

PS: If you are interested in visiting in Jaipur, whether a group trip or  travelling solo, and want some help with your itinerary, get in touch with me at hello@jupiterkonnections.com   

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